August 28, 2021

165+ Good Night Messages for friends | Good night messages for best friend

 165+ Good Night Messages for friends| Good night messages for bestfriend

good night messages for friends

good night messages for friends

Have you ever thought about sending out good night messages for friends? Think about it. It's not only a way of saying a good wish, but it's also a way of saying how grateful you are for having them in your life. 

And if you want to make a real impact in the world, try sending a good night message to someone you admire. Think about how you would feel if someone sent you a nice note on a night or when you felt really down. And then try doing it for real. You can do this by sharing positive quotes or physically delivering a card to someone's house. The latter is more likely to impress them and possibly move things along, but sending the message in person makes it more personal and meaningful.

However, many times looking for the best night messages for your friends can be a challenge. But there are some things that you can do to narrow down your options and ensure that you get the best messages delivered to your friends. Start by reading through our list of the best good night messages to give your friends. Then read through some of the good night quotes that we have recently posted in our articles.


1) No matter if the sky is black or blue
No matter if there are stars or a moon
As long your heart is honest
Sweet dreams will always be with you

2) On this cold cold night,
in my small small room,
I look at the bright bright stars in
the dark dark night and dream of your 
a sweet sweet smile.

3) I don't dream about you because I can never fall asleep thinking of you.

4) From the nearest blades of grass,
To the farthest stars in the sky above,
Here's wishing you the best night's sleep possible by far. 

5) Dreams are like stars
You may never touch 
But always be there for you
To make you lead your journey

6) Do not lose hope,
Please believe that there are thousands of beautiful blessings waiting for you.
Sunshine come to them who feel the rain.

7) Lookup in the sky and see 
How the stars are dancing and showcasing
my deepest love for you.

8) I hope you sleep a little better tonight.
Hope you remember that everything is gonna be alright.

9) Give it to God and go to sleep.

10) A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor's book.

11) Touch your heart and shut your eyes, sweet dreams, and sleep tight. 

12) With nothing but love and forgiveness in your heart. What meant for you will be for you tomorrow or the day after. Trust your journey. Rest your soul. Good night.

13) It's the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.

14) May you fall asleep surrounded by a feeling of beautiful peace and love. May your dreams take you to magical places filled with wonder and light. May you awaken energized and happy.

15) May the sweetest dreams guide you through this night, and your morning be the happiest of all.

16. Good night, friend! I hope you dream of colorful and fantastic things.

17. May this shinning moon shower its grace and be with you throughout this night. Good Night

18. let the fairies make your sleep wonderful. Good Night.

19. A new morning is waiting for you to sleep well and sleep tight. Because the new day wants you to be fit and all charged up.Good night.

20. This night is so bright and full of stars. May you have a dream as beautiful as this night. Good Night.

21. Yesterday was a lesson and tomorrow is an opportunity, Do not regret the past and expect good things from the future. Live today the best way you can. Have a Good Night and lovely dreams. Sleep tight. 

22. May your life be as fresh as a raindrop, As sweet as honey, As colorful as the rainbow and, As wonderful as you. Have a Good Night and sweet dreams. Sleep tight. 

23. The day will end on a positive note, Read a cool good night quote, Coz you will sleep so well that way, As you will wait for a bright new day, Good night and sleep tight! 

24. The night has just begun, As the day is going to end, Be thankful for a day so good, Say thanks for things so beautiful, Coz tomorrow will be another new day, To have your say, Good night and sleep tight! 

25. Silent night and calm night, No need to fear or fright, Coz the darkness will be over, With the new dawn and new day, Good night my friend for today, Tomorrow have a lovely day, Good night for today! 

Latest Good Night Messages for friends

26. The day is going to end, But, you are still in my thoughts, Wish you were near baby, Wish we were never apart, Wish you a lovely night, Good night! 

27. When the clock strikes nine, it winks at you and says that it is time, to make yourself rest in your fine, comfy bed and wish everyone, a very Good Night. 

28. Pray and thank God for all that happened during the day. Wish everyone a very Good Night, take a deep breath and sleep tight. Sugary dreams to you. 

28. Let not this darkness outside be of any effect to your inner self, wait for the morning and swallow the light and brightness. For now, just close your eyes and let your mind be at rest for some time. Good Night and cherry dreams. 

29. Sleep tonight and be well! Know that you have done your very best today and that you will be very best tomorrow. Good Night and Sweet Dreams.

30. If you walk towards the light, The shadows will appear behind you. Good Night and Sweet Dreams.

31. Legends says if you can't sleep at night , it's because you're awake in someone else's dream. Good Night.

32. Sleeping is nice you forget about everything for a little while! Good Night

33. These nights are also very cruel.
Do not bring sleep, but definitely bring someone's memories.
Good night!

34. Life is one night In which there are 
so many dreams,What you got is yours
What is broken is a dream. Good night!

35. Early to bed and early to rise makes a person healthy, prosperous and wise! Good Night
36. Sleep is the best medicine for anxiety and sadness. you may feel better after good sleep. Good Night and sleep tight.

37. I pray from my heart that God give you all the happiness that you ask for from God everyday. Good Night

38. Sleep in the eyes dream in the eyelids good night friend take care of yourself

39. If it is day, then there will be night too, don't be sad, sometimes there will be talk of friendship with so much love, then there will be a meeting too. Good Night

40.Don't care whether the world is against it, just pray that God is always with you. Good Night my dear friend.

41. Those who like to see dreams, they feel short at night. But for those who want to fulfill their desire or aim then a full day is very little for them. Good Night

42. The value of dreams is understood by those who fulfill their dreams. Good Night

43. Sleep has to be sacrificed to make dreams come true. Good Night

44. Start it, if not today, tomorrow will be the victory of the morning. Good Night.

45. Wake up in the early morning those who want to fulfill his dreams. Good night.

46. Those who do not let the sun of hard work set, they see the rise of the sun of success. Good Night

47. Our one small change gives birth to a big tomorrow.Good Night 

48. Wake up determination go to bed with satisfaction. Good Night 

49. Wishing you good night and sweet dreams . Take a rest see you tomorrow.

50. Time to release all your worries and focus on the good from today. Time to be thankful. Good Night with sweet dreams.

51. May you and quiet surround your mind, body and soul. Good Night dear friend.

52. Good night. Wishing you a peaceful night's rest.

53. Before going to bed, forgive everyone and sleep with a clean heart.

54. Close you eyes and think something beautiful and sleep well.

55. Perhaps they are not stars in the sky, but rather openings where our loved ones shine down to let us know they are happy.

56. When you feel that everything is over in life, just remember that every sunset is followed by the sunrise.

Inspirational Good Night Messages for friends

Good night messages for friends in Hindi can be as varied as the people you love. Sometimes it's the simple act of sending a good night out loud that makes all the difference between your joys and sorrows, While sometimes it's the simple act of listening to their voice when they say goodnight. No matter how special or how late you make it, the best way to end a friendship is with a good night message.

Even if you’re starting with friendship and want to start a tradition or import such, then sending a goodnight message is as good as it gets. It might seem like you are saying something that isn't important, but it can be the key to making a lasting connection. 

We came up with this huge collection of good night HD images with quotes because we feel an image has the power to move us deeply. And so this post is created to inspire readers to reflect on their day, and it has indeed accomplished that goal. In addition, this collection has been created to encourage people to send goodnight messages whether they are friends, family, or lovers - whatever touchpoints make you feel good.

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